Bringing Sexy Back: 6 Steps To Better Sex

Aug 3, 2016

Do you ever find yourself in a sexual rut? Or just need to spice things up a bit? If you’re in a long-term relationship or marriage, it can be hard to keep the sexy alive. Come out of the bedroom rut with these 6 sexy tips to keep your man (and you) coming back for more!

  • Dirty Talk

    Nothing turns a man on more than hearing that he’s turning you on. Talking during sex stimulates more than our ears and praising and instructive language is a great start. Dirty talking is a rare quality in women, so he’ll be sure to cherish it. If you’re not used to sexy talk, it may feel super awkward but the more you do it – the easier it will get….. “I like having you inside of me”…. “I’ve been dreaming all day with this”… “I want you on top of me right now”… “Házmelo más rápido” – there, we gave you some pointers here.

  • Be Adventurous

    Men want a lover who is willing to try new things from time to time. That doesn’t mean you have to break out the whips and costumes – just be open to ideas! Being experimental and adventurous in bed is a trait most men look for in their women, so just don’t say no to everything without even trying it.

  • K-i-s-s-i-n-g

    Kissing encompasses all that is intimacy and – as many of us have already discovered – a good kiss can be a huge turn on. Of course, when most people think of kissing, what immediately comes to mind is making out and there’s a good reason for this. A long, deep, sensuous kiss is hot and is usually how most sexual encounters begin and according to experts, smooching is also good for your health!

  • Try New Positions


    Try a new sex position, experiment with sex toys or act out your secret fantasies. A little change in the bedroom can make a big difference in terms of excitement. Check out these innovative bedroom moves.

  • Oral Fixation

    Ready for a shocker? Men love oral sex (yes, like you didn’t really know that). And although a lot of women frown upon the idea of a blowjob, try not to be mechanical about it and enjoy yourself. If you’re comfortable enough, look him in the eye while you’re satisfying him or keep your eyes closed and let the expression on your face tell him that you’re enjoying it every bit as much as he is.

  • Put Your Hands To Good Use

    What guy doesn’t love great massages? Men want to feel good all over (just like you do) so use your hands for back scratching, shoulder rubbing and slowly escalate it to a more erotic massage. Men love the slow build as much as we love the crescendo and a good hand job provides both.

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