3 Inches Below The Knee: Flattering Skirts For Every Height

Aug 10, 2016
most flattering skirt length

Like a classic dress, skirts are one of the most feminine pieces a girl can wear, which is why it’s crucial for us to properly stock our closets with the right skirts for our height. From minis to chic maxis, there are so many different styles of skirts that selecting the right skirt length for your height isn’t always easy. The wrong skirt length can look frumpy and ill-fitting, while the right length can elongate and slim. So, what is the “right” skirt length?

We’ve narrowed down the most flattering skirt styles according to your height. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to limit your skirt selection. But if you’re stuck trying to decide between a few silhouettes, you might want to keep this guide in mind.

  1. For Petites
    most flattering skirt length


    If you’re lacking in the height department, no problem! You can still rock skirts of all lengths like a chic fashionista!

    Slim Maxi: While many women feel that maxi skirts exclusively for taller chicas, in reality, they are actually a great way to give the illusion that you’re taller than you are!  Keep in mind when picking the perfect maxi, that the shorter you are, the slimmer the skirt should be to avoid an overbearing appearance.

    Slit: A slit skirt is another one of the best skirts for every height, especially for petites. This is especially the case if you like long skirts. The slit, after all, shows some leg – so you don’t end up swimming in textile.

    A-Line Mini: As far as miniskirts go, an on-trend A-line version is the perfect choice for petite girls. The high-waisted cut helps elongate your frame, while the slight flare slenderizes legs.

  2. Average Height
    most flattering skirt length


    If your height stands anywhere from 5’3 to 5’7, consider yourself lucky! You can pretty much kill it by wearing any skirt under the sun.

    Fluted Mini: If you’re feeling sexy, then go ahead and rock that mini! One of the best styles for every height is a fluted hem mini skirt. Its gam-baring style can flatter your body and lengthen your legs all at the same time.

    Midi Pencil: If you love pencil skirts, choose one with a midi length as it can give you an hourglass figure right away.

    Classic A-Line: A knee-length A-line is a classic style that will give you the perfect proportion of skirt to leg.

  3. Tall
    most flattering skirt length


    Standing 5’7 or higher? Thank those long legs because you can pull any skirt off – and because you’re tall and don’t have to worry about looking short, you can actually wear your skirts a bit longer.

    Romantic Midi: If you want an ethereal, romantic look – a flowy midi skirt is perfect for you! It won’t overwhelm your frame and pairs perfectly with a pair of fab heels.

    Straight-Cut Mini: As far as miniskirts go, the best type for a tall girl would be a classic straight-cut style. Rather than covering your waist, a classic style sits lower, so it allots more fabric to your legs while still showing them off.

    Flowy Maxi: A tall mama like you can pull off a maxi skirt like it’s nobody’s business! Truly stylish, a maxi skirt is a perfect choice if you’re opting for a boho chic look.

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