The 25 Trendiest Baby Girl Names Of 2016

Aug 1, 2016

Are you expecting a baby girl? Or maybe, you’re praying to the fertility gods to bless your family with a daughter? No matter your answer, you’re going to need a pretty and original name for your little princesa. Whether you want to make sure your daughter stands out from the crowd, or goes with the flow, picking the right baby name can be quite the task. We’re here to help!

So what will be the hottest new baby girl names this year? This year’s trendiest names for little girls range from floral-inspired to old-fashioned, giving new parents looking for the perfect name plenty to choose from. So many classic names suddenly feel very fresh again. Latina names like Camila and Ximena are popular comeback choices, as well as quirky American names such as Piper and Aubree.

Nothing’s quite as pleasurable and emotional as settling on the perfect moniker for your little one – so now, without further ado – the 25 trendiest baby girl names!


  1. Lily
  2. Violeta
  3. Thea
  4. Chloë
  5. Ximena
  6. James (yes, James)
  7. Elena
  8. Luciana
  9. Serenity
  10. Aubree
  11. Ramona
  12. Savannah
  13. Gabriella
  14. Brooklyn
  15. Camila
  16. Addison
  17. Hailey
  18. Valeria
  19. Naomi
  20. Esperanza
  21. Harper
  22. Sadie
  23. Fernanda
  24. Penélope
  25. Valentina
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