Cardio Fun: 15 Cardio Workouts That Don’t Require A Treadmill

Aug 12, 2016

Does your treadmill workout make you feel like a rat on a wheel? Then it’s probably time to change up your routine. Thankfully, there’s a fun way to benefit your heart and burn those calories without walking or running on the same spot. While cardio workouts are essential to overall health and critical to athletic performance, it doesn’t need to be limited to the treadmill.

With a little imagination and a variety of exercises, you can go from boring to having an enjoyable (and effective) workout. From getting your dance on to jumping rope, there are many different types of dynamic cardio workouts that give you a stellar calorie burn, while sculpting muscles at the same time.

Look no further for a fun way to break a sweat, because we have your cure for the common cardio! Read on for 15 awesome cardio workouts that don’t require a treadmill – at all.

  • Get to climbing

    Not only are stairs ready-made for a killer cardio workout, but they can also be used for upper and lower-body strength exercises. Stair climbing enhances your cardiovascular fitness. According to a 2010 study of sedentary young women in the journal Preventative Medicine, a short-term stair-climbing workout provides considerable cardiovascular health benefits. Stair climbing also requires more effort than walking or running on flat ground, according to If you think about it, pushing your body up stair after stair against gravity is a great cardiovascular exercise that burns lots of calories, while developing both strength and power. And as no staircase is never ending, once you get to the top and walk carefully back down, you end up interval training without even realizing it!

  • Power Yoga

    Power yoga is a more dynamic version of traditional yoga – it’s faster, more intense and the focus is more on building strength and less on meditation or chanting, hence, it can be a great cardio workout too. An effective power yoga sequence will get your heart rate going and has strength-training benefits that will increase your flexibility. If you don’t have time to hit the gym for a yoga class, try an at-home version that will provide you with the workout you need.

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