Must-Have Back To School Gadgets For Your Teen

Jul 29, 2016

Yes, cack to school time is fast approaching, so it’s time to start stocking up on those school supplies! But it’s not just pencils and paper anymore…or maybe, at all. Now it’s USB hubs, smartphone tripods, and cellphone study guides.

Thanks to creative new gadgets and software, students can get a jump start on the new school year, take their lessons with them on the go, carry an entire library in their pocket, coordinate with classmates from the comfort of home, and create projects and papers that are more dynamic than ever.

Whether your back to school teen is in college, high school or middle school, these tech gadgets are sure to make the school year run a little smoother.

  1. SAT/Act Prep Apps


    In today’s smartphone world, teens (and parents) are looking for the best Apps to help them get organized and study in preparation for college entry exams and classes. Good SAT or ACT score can open doors to scholarships, college admissions and other honors, and thankfully quality test prep doesn’t have to be only for those who can afford private tutors. Students can now carry around a virtual test-prep handbook in their phones by downloading a variety of apps including EduPath SAT Prep, an adaptive platform which picks up on a student’s weaknesses and exercises them and SAT Question of the Day, which provides real SAT questions of the day, as well as SAT prep materials.


  2. Portable Speakers


    Gone are the days of teens having to hook up to a hulking system to play their favorite music and while this isn’t exactly a “school” gadget, studies prove that kids can benefit from unwinding with tunes on their off time. Even though most MP3 players and smartphones have speakers for listening to music without headphones, most of these typically don’t have the quality of a wireless speaker system, so instead try one of these pint-sized portable options that work through Bluetooth.

    Beats by Dr. Dre Pill 2.0 Speaker, $92

    HMDX Jam Replay Wireless Speaker, $26.99


  3. Printers


    There are still plenty of teachers who insist on getting assignments the good old-fashioned way – so yes, you will need a good printer! Luckily, advances in printing technology have made color and photo printers more affordable than ever and compact enough to fit easily on a desk.

    HP Envy 4520 All-in-One Printer, $69.99

    Canon PIXMA MG7720 Wireless All-in-One Color InkJet Printer, $129.99

  4. Memory Sticks


    Remember floppy disk drives? Well, USB memory sticks serve the same purpose. They are a great way for kids to carry their files with them for printing at school or home, sharing presentations or just backing up that important essay. Today, they come in so many colors, shapes and varieties, solving the age-old problem of “I left my homework at home!”

    Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go V3 Max 64 GB Flash Drive, $35

    SanDisk USB Flash Drive, $8

  5. Smartpens


    We’ve come a long way from taking notes with plain old paper and pencils. For listeners of long lectures and those who can’t quite keep up with the teacher, there’s an actual “smart” pen for that. By capturing audio in sync as they write, it combines the convenience and professionalism of an analog pen with the ease of digital transcription. Clever!

    Livescribe Pulse Smartpen Digital Voice Recorder with Cradle, $114

    Neo smartpen N2, $170

  6. Phone Tripods


    Whether students want to record class lectures or are working on a project that requires photos and videos – using a smartphone tripod will come in handy. Affordable and super useful, these phone mounted tripods are compact enough to fit in backpacks or even purses.

    JOBY Grip Tight Micro Stands, $29.95

    Flex Smartphone Flexible Leg Tripod by iStabilizer, $9.59


  7. Backup Storage


    Backing up is a necessity! All those term papers and research notes can be lost if your kid’s computer hard drive fails. Getting a portable external hard drive like the Seagate Backup Plus Desktop Drive, ($108.99) – will give you and your teen some peace of mind.

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