Meet Disney’s First Latina Princess: Elena Of Avalor

Jul 22, 2016

Move over Ariel and Jasmine; there’s a new princess in town…and for the first time, she’s Latina! Meet Princess Elena of Avalor, who will soon make her debut on the popular preschooler network Disney Junior. With tan skin, brown hair and eyes, and dressed to the nines in a Quinceañera– type dress, there is finally an opportunity for young Latina girls to see a Disney princess that reflects their identity. Described as adventurous, outspoken and confident, Elena carries a gold scepter (which has magical powers) and is quite the songstress, debuting a new song in every show. If that’s not enough to pique your interest, Elena of Avalor episodes are also packed with Latin folklore, Aztec-inspired architecture, and “musical styles like mariachi, salsa and Chilean hip-hop.”

Little girls aren’t the only ones who are excited about Elena! Latina leaders such as Cosmopolitan Latinas Editor-In-Chief, Michelle Herrera Mulligan are weighing in.“Having a princess/role model who looks like them is a huge step forward for girls’ self-perception everywhere. Most Latinas have darker skin tones, so Elena is very welcome!”

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