The Lazy Warrior: 15 At-Home Workouts For Women Who Hate Leaving The House

Jul 8, 2016

If you, like millions of women, hate the gym or just don’t ever seem to be able to find the time to go, there’s no excuse for neglecting your fitness. Staying in shape makes you look better, feel better and gives you extra energy to make it through a hectic day.

These days, there are tons of fun and interesting ways to fit some exercise into your schedule. And variety is not just the spice of life, it’s key for weight loss. As personal trainer and spokesman for the American Council on Exercise (ACE) Gregory Florez says, “Almost every time we see clients hit a weight loss plateau, it’s because they’re not varying their exercise routines enough.” To help you melt away your extra load without leaving the comfort of your living room, we’ve found 15 fun and easy at-home workouts and fitness tips to get you going.

  • Body Weight Training

    The American College of Sports Medicine’s survey of 2015 fitness trends puts body weight training at the top of the list. This is very good news for gym haters since you don’t need any equipment for this workout—think push-ups, planks and leg lifts.

  • Yoga

    Yoga has tons of benefits, it improves flexibility, strength and helps you slow down and connect with your breathing while you’re getting fit. If you’re intimidated by going to a class, just make a little space in your living room, get a mat or towel and your computer. Sites like have videos for every level and style of yoga. You can even sneak in a quick pose or two anywhere with Smartphone apps like Daily Yoga.

  • Fitness Blender

    Fitness Blender offers a huge variety of free online workout videos in a range of genres (like yoga or HIT) that target specific areas (like abs or glutes) or work your whole body. The site also has 8-week programs for weight loss and the videos are narrated with easy-to-follow instructions for performing each move.

  • Blogilates

    Blogilates is fitness trainer and creator of POP Pilates, Cassie Ho’s lifestyle blog with all things Pilates and clean eating. She has tons of 10-30 minute Pilates videos on her site and YouTube channel. All you need is a mat and a computer and her charming, perky personality makes these intense routines seem easy.

  • TRX HOME Suspension Trainer

    TRX Suspension Training was developed by the Navy SEALS, which sounds a little scary, but it’s actually a very simple and effective workout. The home training kit comes with a suspension trainer, anchor and DVD. It uses straps attached to an anchor to provide resistance and help you work muscles in a variety of ways. Devotees say it’s fun and easy to find new moves to keep it interesting.

  • Grokker

    Grokker is one of the newest on the growing list of online workout destinations. They have a great selection of yoga and fitness workouts as well as cooking videos and a community forum full of fitness tips.

  • Focus T-25

    Fitness monster and creator of INSANITY, Shaun T compressed the insanity into Focus T-25, a series of 25-minute workout DVDs designed to get you ripped in 10 weeks. These are intense, high-speed workouts with no breaks between moves but Shaun T gives modifications so people of every fitness levels can make it through.

  • 30-Day Fitness Challenge

    In the past several years 30-day challenges have taken over almost every aspect of our lives, thanks largely to Matt Cutts and Steve Pavlina. This is an excellent way to get yourself into the habit of working out and it can be as easy or as challenging as you want. To get ideas, inspiration and support, check out 30-Day Fitness Challenges.

  • Nike+ Kinect

    Nike+ Kinect Training lets you use your Kinect for Xbox 360 to monitor all your movements. You choose a Nike+ personal trainer, set fitness goals and get a workout program tailored to you. The Kinect allows you to get real time feedback and it tracks your progress.

  • Zumba Fitness

    If you’ve always secretly wanted to take a Zumba class but can’t get past the image of yourself looking ridiculous surrounded by a sea of toned, hip shaking professional dancers? First, that wouldn’t happen. Second, you can get in on the Zumba craze from the privacy of your living room with Zumba Fitness for Xbox, Wii or Playstation. Each workout game comes with a dance controller for motion tracking feedback. Once you’ve got your groove on, you can even host virtual Zumba classes for up to eight people.

  • Metamorphosis

    Gwyneth Paltrow credits fitness guru Tracy Anderson for her fantastically toned physique. You can benefit from Tracy’s wisdom with her DVD series, Metamorphosis. She has four different sets of workouts tailored to your body type—Abcentric, Glutcentric, Hipcentric or Omnicentric—that promise to completely change your shape in 90 days.

  • 7 Minute Workout

    The 7 Minute Workout was developed by exercise physiology specialist Chris Jordan of the Human Performance Institute, Division of Wellness & Prevention, Inc. It really is only seven minutes a day and all you need is the handy, free app to guide you through the exercises.

  • Tabata

    Tabata is also know as High Intensity Training (HIIT). It focuses on short, intense workouts designed to give you the same results as a longer moderate workout. A typical routine consists of eight rounds with 20 seconds of intensity followed by 10 seconds of rest. These are short, basic workouts that don’t require equipment. You can get the Tabata Pro Timer app to guide you and if you want more specific instruction, try the 12 Minute Athlete app.

  • Virtual Walks

    If you have a treadmill or elliptical that’s gathering dust at home, bring it to life with one of these Virtual Walks DVDs. You can take a run on the beach, through the forest, Balinese rice fields and more.

  • Hooping

    Hula Hooping is a fun at-home workout that hardly feels like exercising. HoopGirl sells weighted hoops and instructional videos that will give you killer abs and full body toning.

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