Latin-ize Your 4th Of July Asado!

Jul 1, 2016

Fire up the grill, display your patriotic decorations and sparklers, and call over friends and familia – its time to celebrate 4th of July! From churros to arepas, kick up your average Independence Day asado with these easy and yummy Latin-inspired touches.

  1. Old Dogs, New Tricks

    No 4th of July barbecue is complete without grilled hot dogs. While there’s nothing wrong with the same old ketchup and mustard combo, why not kick things up a notch with new toppings and sides?

    Try all-beef franks served on a potato roll topped with shoestring potato sticks and garnish with creamy queso blanco. Add some pineapple sauce for an extra refreshing kick.

    We all love a good French fry – after all, it is the go-to accompaniment to burgers and dogs. But if you want to give fries a sabroso twist, skip the potato and make yuca fries instead. They’re great either fried or baked – and go perfectly with a delicioso garlic mojo, aioli or cilantro garlic sauce.


  2. Kick-Up Grilled Meat

    BBQs are synonymous with meat…lots of delicious, savory meat. Infuse some Latin flavors to your grilled carne with a couple of easy (and delicious) additions.

    Chimichurri is the perfect ally to juicy grilled meat – and is also great used as a dipping sauce, slather or marinade. So say bye-bye to the A-1 sauce and add a little flare and freshness to your steak with this fragrant Chimichurri recipe.

    Pass on the usual boring ensalada de papas or coleslaw and opt for Arepas (grilled corn cakes) instead. Serve these pockets of cheesy deliciousness with melted butter and toppings of your choice.


  3. Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

    Skip the predictable strawberry shortcake and end your fiesta on a happy note with these yummy and delectable desserts instead!

    One of the most popular desserts in the Latin world, Tres Leches conjures up the comfort of home and is supremely easy to make. More time for you to enjoy the family and less time checking the oven!

    Add a sweet surprise of warm and delicious churros to your typical patriotic cupcake and cookie platter – or step up your baking game with this churro cupcake recipe.

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