Kid Calls 911 For A Very Special Kind Of Help!

Jul 20, 2016

Everyone knows you’re only supposed to call the police when there’s an emergency, but being stuck on a math problem could actually be quite distressing for a 4-year-old!

We all make it a point to tell our kids to call 911 if they ever are in need of help, but this precocious tot took that advice to another level. In this hilarious 911 call viral video (which has amassed nearly 10 million hits), little Johnny is having trouble doing his math homework and calls 911 for help. After a bit of confusion about whether the boy was calling about his mouth or math, the 911 operator doesn’t reprimand the boy but, instead, attempts to help him. Awwww!

Watch the full video below to enjoy this 911 dispatcher handle Johnny’s emergency with a lot of patience and a little humor.

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