Control The Craze: Keep Kids Safe While Playing Pokémon Go

Jul 19, 2016

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few weeks, you’ve most likely heard about Pokémon Go. An augmented reality video game (meaning it mixes video elements with real-world physical features), Pokémon Go has millions of kids (and adults) hunting Pokémon by going to different locations via a map on their phone. The map takes them to private homes, parks, private businesses, churches, cemeteries, etc. – all in the hope of “catching” the Pokémon and capturing them for the game.

As millions become obsessed with Pokémon Go, legitimate concerns arise with the game’s cutting-edge technology: this App is unintentionally luring kids into dangerous areas! Since its launch on July 5, the addictive game has kids and teens wandering into desolate areas, injuring themselves and stumbling upon crime scenes – all while searching for pocket-size Pokémon “pets”.

While the main part of the game is the fun of the hunt, it easily can lead kids to real danger and easily become a parent’s worst nightmare. Police also have a few concerns regarding this new gaming sensation and urge parents to talk to their kids about the dangers, and establish a few rules to their Pokémon Go hunt – like checking with a parent before going anywhere beyond a pre-determined area and hunting in groups of two or more.

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