How To Host An Olympic Theme Party!

Jul 27, 2016

The summer Olympics are right around the corner and if you can’t make it to Rio to join in the festivities, don’t fret! (Who wants to go to a crowded, hot and humid mega-event anyways?) Instead, with a few clever ideas, you can host a viewing party that will be loads of fun without you having to leave your house. Since this exciting event only comes around every four years, make it a special time to gather, watch and cheer with your family and friends.

While our favorite athletes perform their hearts out, let’s cheer for them with food, drinks, and medal-worthy merrymaking. From food and drinks to music and decorations – we’ve got you covered on how to host an Olympic theme party! So light the torch and let the party planning games begin!

  1. Rio Inspired Cocktails

    The classic caipirinha is a wonderfully refreshing Brazilian cocktail perfect for serving ice cold at your Olympic party. Although vodka or white rum works fine, using Cachaça ensures it’s the real deal!

  2. Popcorn Torches


    Let the games begin! Kick off your Olympic party with these adorable torches made out of popcorn and ice cream cones. They’re so quick and easy that your kids can help. Just set out the ice cream cones on a serving platter and let the little ones have fun filling them up with popcorn!

  3. Treats Fit For A Champ

    Victory has never been sweeter! Simply prepare (or buy) a batch of your favorite cupcakes, ice them and top with an Olympic-inspired design of candy-coated chocolates. For an extra festive touch, print out toppers with your favorite team flag.

  4. Vamos a bailar!

    Make your guests feel like they’re at Carnaval! Add some flair to your fiesta by throwing on Brazilian music, such as soca or samba. It’s perfect for getting the party started! Not feeling too sure about Samba dancing? Here you have a basic 4-minute express Samba class.

  5. Red, White And Blue

    Show your love for the USA with a festive (and healthy) patriotic salad.The red can be strawberries or raspberries, use feta or goat cheese for the white and blue blueberries! Que rico!

  6. Global Decor

    Flags from different countries are an easy way to create a colorful and global theme. Have fun with your guests and label the flags with the name of the country so they can learn while having fun.

  7. DIY Laurel Wreath

    Make merry wreaths out of leaves, grass, or anything else green in your backyard. All you need is some twine sticks, and greenery – the kids will have a blast running around the yard to gather the foliage! If you want to step it up a notch, use gold-colored spray paint or paper for the leaves.

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