Career Tips From A Mamipreneur: Be Fashionable, Be Fabulous, Be Yourself

Jul 6, 2016

Be Fashionable, Be Fabulous, Be Yourself is the tagline of Tuffcooki handbags. Mompreneur Monica Kennedy, who has a Bachelor in Business Administration, started her home-based business in 2004 designing and sewing a few handbags, and since then has positioned her product in online stores and brick-and-mortar boutiques. She knows a little something about how to follow your dreams.

She is originally from Madrid, Spain, and now lives with her American husband and their two young children in Indian Harbour, Florida.

“I am living my dream, every single day,” she says. The name of her handcrafted handbag company is, in fact, Monica’s nickname. Friends and family have always said she is a tough cookie, and she liked it so much that she made it her mompreneur brand. She custom-designs handbags in small or large quantities, and enjoys what she does.

“It has been a great trip so far, with its ups and slow times, never downs for me,” Monica says of her one-woman business. “So far I have done it alone, with my family’s support and friends who believe in the idea. I love a challenge and the harder it gets, the more I want to make it to the top. Quitting is for losers and I am not a loser.” 

When she launched Tuffcooki, Monica had no actual business experience, but she quickly learned everything about being a mompreneur from ordering, shipping, and accounting to website launching, sewing, and selling. She does it all herself and intends to keep it that way until the orders overwhelm her and she is no longer able to do it on her own.

“Before being the mother of two, I always worked and the idea of staying at home with my kids scared me,” says Monica. “I feared I would be bored and would have too much time on my hands. So far, everything has turned out to be the opposite.”

Monica adds that never giving up, being organized, knowing her limits, and having the support of her family have been key to her entrepreneurial success. Concerning how she manages any down moments, Monica says: “I don´t waste my time dwelling on failures, there is no point. What is done, is done.”

Monica recently paired up with Marián Muñoz, a Spanish graphic designer, to create a more sophisticated line of handbags: The Girls, inspired by women and their different lifestyles. Her other line, The Mix, is a collection of clutches for night or day.

Monica Kennedy´s tips for other mamipreneurs on how to follow your dreams.

Promote: Talk about what you do, have an online presence, go to local shows, and host private parties.

Balance: Jot down every single thing that’s going on in your life on a calendar. If you work from home, your business is part of who you are, and your family and friends need to understand that. Twenty-four hours in a day is enough time to get things done as long as you are very organized and consistent.

Motivation: Anyone is able to fulfill anything they set out to do; the only difference is that achievers have a greater desire than people who don’t reach their goals.

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