7 Reasons You’ll Be Homesick For Your Familia After You’ve Gone

Jul 3, 2016

When you were in your teens, you probably dreamt of the day when you’d move out of your parents’ home for good! But when you grow up, things begin to change. You graduate or get married and formally establish a new home for yourself, and then… you start thinking about those irreplaceable moments, family rituals and even all the annoying advice that Abuela was constantly providing.

Check out these  7 things that will make you homesick for your familia, and let us know which is the one that you relate to the most!

  • Gossip


    Thanks to the women in your family, you were always caught up on all the latest neighborhood (and family) gossip. Thank God for daily phone calls with Mom or you’d never know who had an affair/Botox/bad haircut…

  • Mom’s Home Cooking


    Whether it’s Arroz con pollo, Buñuelos, Lechón, or whatever mom’s signature dish was, no four-star restaurant (or even your own kitchen skills) can ever capture the magical taste of mami’s home cooking.

  • The Dreaded Chancla


    The deadliest weapon known to a kid in a Latina home, you knew the meaning of “chancleta” or “el cinturón” before you knew your ABC’s. When your mom was running around the room with a chancla – it wasn’t because she saw a cucaracha!

  • Abuelita's Life Lessons


    Before there was Siri, there was Abuela. She taught us everything from concocting home remedies when we’re sick to cooking authentic Latino recipes. Basically everything we need to know about life comes from these awesome women.

  • The Random Stop-By


    At any given time, a tia/abuela/prima would make an impromptu visit to your house… usually with their whole family in tow. Good thing mom always had pastelitos and café on hand!

  • Overfeeding


    Gordita is all too common in a Latina household, and it doesn’t have to be a holiday for the table to be covered with enough food to feed a small army. Mami or Abuela will prepare all your favorite dishes and you better leave some room for Flan!

  • Emotional Birthday Parties


    We love to sing, dance and celebrate, so it makes perfect sense that we get a little over emotional at parties, especially birthdays. Throw in some asado and cerveza, and our parties last into the wee hours of morning!

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