6 Ways Kids Show You Love Without Actually Saying It

Jul 28, 2016

It’s the small things that matter most when it comes to life and love, especially when it comes to our children. Most of us don’t want our kids to associate love with material things and ideally, want them to enjoy being with loved ones and experiencing life without the trappings of gifts and rewards.

According to parenting expert and family coach Annie Fox, showing appreciation and love outside of gift-buying is an essential skill we need to teach our children. She adds, “Gift-giving from a list can often be thoughtless, just mindless buying. But acts of kindness, service, something homemade — those teach children to be thoughtful.”

From helping out with housework to just “hanging out”, read on for 6 everyday ways our kids show us love without actually having to say it.

  • Sharing TV Time


    Whether enjoying some cartoon surfing time on the couch, religiously tuning in to your favorite weekly show together or binge watching Netflix on a rainy day, quality time with your child can be spent in front of the tube. While it may not be the magical bonding experience, the sweetest parent/child moments can happen in the most ordinary of things.

  • Phone Calls


    With so many teens and young adults busy with their social lives and social media, an unexpected phone call can do wonders for a parent. Whether a short or long conversation, the simple concerted effort to communicate is one of the greatest gifts a child (young or old) can give to a loved one. Teach the little ones early and have them call Abuelita on a regular basis just to say “hi”.

  • Spending Time


    As kids get older, the less likely they want to just “hang out” with their folks. So when those unexpected moments of them actually making an effort to spend time with us pops up, it’s hard to fight back the tears. Maybe it’s wanting to run errands with us or learn a new hobby together – whatever the activity may be – it’s the mere action of just being together that shows the love.

  • Little Notes


    Who doesn’t love a sweet note of affection? We’re not talking about the yearly Mother’s Day card naming us “World’s Best Mom”, but instead the little notes of love and appreciation that take us off guard. From wishing us a good day to a simple “I love you, Mom”, these small gestures are a surefire way to make us feel all warm and gooey inside.

  • Helping Out


    After a long, stressful day, what could better (or make you feel more loved) than your children helping out around the house? Whether taking out the trash, walking the dog or washing the dinner dishes, the small token of lending a hand goes a very long way in a tired mama’s heart.

  • Cooking Together


    Preparing a meal together not only can be valuable bonding time but also instills important values and skills in a child. It’s a great time to share stories, talk about the day and learn new things, like fun recipes. Kids are more likely to take on cooking tasks as they get older, which can lead to a surprise Sunday breakfast – even if it is cereal!

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