6 Parenting Chores We’d Rather Outsource

Jul 19, 2016

Being a mother is undoubtedly a rewarding blessing. We adore our little angels! However, being a mom – as you may already know – comes with its not-so-rewarding tasks… those chores that at some point have made us wonder: “what if someone else could do this?” or “why did I get myself into this?”. The truth is that everything in life has its pretty and ugly side, and motherhood is no exception. Grab your coffees and read on for our top 6 parenting chores that we’d rather outsource!

  • Packing School Lunch


    Balancing healthy foods with something that they’ll actually eat (and not dump in the nearest school garbage can) can be a chore in itself. But we must avoid the temptation of letting them buy that overly fattening and sugary school food. Instead, try these fresh (and easy) ideas for packing lunch like tuna or turkey sandwiches with low-fat mayo, cubed turkey and apples, spinach wraps with chicken and blue corn tortilla chips, etc. If you get organized, this task should become less dreadful..

  • Potty Training


    C’mon, does it get any worse than potty training? It takes an insane amount of patience – and between unsuccessful trips to questionable public bathrooms and gross underwear accidents – it’s exhausting! Messy, unpredictable and seemingly never-ending, it’s no wonder why most mamas despise this inevitable parenting task!

  • Laundry


    The never-ending piles of laundry…every day…24/7. The struggle is real, ladies. No matter how many loads you manage to do in a day, the clothes will never all be clean at once. Never.

  • Cleaning The High Chair


    How in the world does such a small, adorable baby manage to fill every square inch of their high chair with something sticky and disgusting? Between the massive amounts of crushed Cheerios and smushed peas leftover in the seat, you’re left wondering if she even ate at all!

  • Road Trips


    While we all love the idea of the fun vacation destination, the journey is a whole other story. Between rest stops, potty breaks, trying desperately to keep them entertained and the endless whines of – are we there yet?! – we can’t help but wish we had a fast forward option.

    For your next trip, make sure you prepare with enough road trip ideas to keep your toddler entertained (and keep you and your partner sane)!

  • Post-Beach Cleanup


    One of the best parts of summer are those relaxing and sunny days at the beach – but by the end of the sandy day, you’re tired, they’re tired and the last thing you want to do is clean them up before they pile in the car. Who wouldn’t pay someone to magically transform that sandy, salty, wind-blown kid to a freshly-bathed, ready-for-bed one?

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