5 Common Makeup Mistakes (And How To Fix Them)

Jul 26, 2016

Whether you consider yourself a pro or novice in the makeup department, beauty blunders happen to the best of us. From too dark and too heavy eyebrows to going crazy with the bronzer, these tiny flubs can have a big effect on your final look! And with more daytime outings taking place over the summer months, it’s hard to disguise even the smallest of makeup mishaps.

The good news is that you don’t actually have to redo your entire face! There are quick and simple ways to reverse these makeup woes, we promise. We did the groundwork and came up with these damage-control hacks for the 5 most common makeup mistakes.



    A wobbly cat-eye can happen to the best of us, even if we’ve spent countless hours practicing with liquid liner. To quickly correct a heavy hand without having to completely start over, use a pointed cotton swab dipped in makeup remover, swabbing over the uneven area that you want to erase.

  2. Shimmering Bronzer VS Contour


    Think again if you believe these products are the same thing! Contour is all about creating shadows in the hollows of the face, while bronzing is meant to mimic the sun’s kiss, wherever the sun would naturally hit the face. Use contour powder under the cheekbones, near the temples, along the sides of the nose and right by the hairline. Save shimmering bronzer for the tops of the cheeks, along the forehead and on the tip of the nose and chin to achieve a naturally sun-kissed look.

  3. Overfilling Eyebrows


    A pretty pair of eyebrows is a great way to frame your face and help your eyes pop, but when they’re too dark or just plain over-the-top, they can distract more than complement. To avoid a harsh and overfilled brow, make sure to stick to a gel or powder that is one to two shades lighter than your hair. After applying your brow filler, use a brow wand to gently comb your brows into place, lightly blending it into your natural brow.

  4. Foundation Faux Pas


    Knowing how to pick out and apply your foundation properly is a crucial step in your daily makeup routine. You don’t want to be that girl whose neck is a different color from her face! Luckily, there tons of skin-matching technology and foundation guides – so no more excuses for picking up the wrong shade! To avoid the dreaded foundation line on your jaw, properly buff out your makeup with either a sponge or a foundation brush and blend, blend, blend!

  5. Over Powdering


    Many women think they can’t use enough translucent powder – wrong! Not only will too much translucent powder leave you looking dry and cakey, but it will also settle in all of your fine lines and wrinkles. While it is vital to “set” your makeup, it is equally important not to overdo it on the powder. Start with using blotting papers over your T-zone, then apply powder with a loosely bristled powder brush, then blend it in with a stiff kabuki brush. This method prevents caking and leaves your face looking flawless!

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