20 Cute Nicknames In Spanish For Abuela

Jul 1, 2016

If you thought that finding a name for your new bundle of joy was the only name-search you’d have to do, you were wrong. Now that your baby has arrived, what will he call his grandmother? You have to come up with a cute nickname for her too! But if you feel that “abuela”, “grandma” or “abuelita” are too boring, don’t fret; we have gathered this list of cool Spanish nicknames for abuela (the “queen” of the family) just for you to choose from.

  1. Short for Abuela or Abuelita
    • Abue
    • Bela
    • Ita
    • Lita
    • Tita
    • Abby
    • Aba
    • Bueli
    • Agüe
    • Api
  2. Not convinced? Here are other options
    • Mima
    • Mamama
    • Yaya
    • Nana
    • Mimi
    • Lala
    • Nani
    • Neni
    • Tata
    • Tati

Made up your mind yet?

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