10 Games You Can Play With Kids Even If You’re Exhausted

Jul 8, 2016

Yes, we adore our kids, but it’s not always easy to have the energy needed to keep them occupied when we’re sick, expecting another baby, or had a few too many glasses of wine the night before. While it’s perfectly okay to just cover the bare necessities when you’re feeling under the weather, you soon may get desperate for ways to engage with your kids that don’t involve hours on the iPad. There are plenty of ways to make your child feel like you’re in full play mode when you’re half asleep on the couch… and you might even get an awesome facial out of it! Read on for 10 games to play with your kids when you are completely exhausted.

  • Art Gallery


    Hang a roll of kraft paper on the wall in your bedroom, covertly crawl back in bed and watch your kids color or paint on their new canvas. They get to exercise their artistic creativity and you get some much-needed rest!

  • Backyard Car Wash


    Kids love washing cars, so no need to feel one bit guilty about this one! The key to getting rest in this game is a comfy, reclinable lawn chair. Tell the kiddos you’re the car wash supervisor (cue the lawn chair) and let them go to work scrubbing down each of their ride-on toys with shampoo and the hose. If you have older kids, see if they feel like washing your car for a bit of splashy, watery fun.

  • I Need A Doctor!


    This is a no-brainer – the ultimate game for lazing on the couch while the kids check you and make sure you’re okay. Let your child put that toy doctor kit to good use and have them check your vitals, perform tests and bandage you up. Kids love adhesive bandages, so give them a box of cheap ones to use on you – a surefire way to buy you a lot more time.

  • Talent Show


    Channel your inner American Idol and play judge to the kiddo’s performances. Have them dress up in costumes and sing and dance to their hearts’ desire! Most importantly, have them practice, practice, practice beforehand… they perfect their moves while you get to sneak in some shut eye. Win win!

  • Get Inked


    Break out the washable markers, roll up your sleeves and let the little ones tattoo you and each other (don’t fret, it comes off with hand sanitizer). Just make sure not to nod off during this one, or you’re libel to wake up to a house full of “tattooed” furniture and pets!

  • A Night at the Movies


    Sure, you could park the kids on the couch and turn on the TV, but where’s the fun in that? Let the kids play movie theater instead, complete with a concession stand, homemade tickets and intermission. Make the room as dark as possible to ensure you can sneak in some rest on the couch next to them.

  • What’s On My Butt?!


    For some reason kids love just hearing the word “butt,” so what better way to let them entertain themselves than a butt game? Lie on the couch on your belly with your eyes closed and let the kids take turns picking an item and placing it on your bottom. Let them give you clues and you try and guess what the object is. Yes, it’s a bit ridiculous, but you will get to rest on the couch while they have fun being goofy.

  • House Of Cards


    With all of the electronic stimulation around us, it’s easy to forget that you can have fun and a relatively quiet time by playing cards. Go Fish, Uno, Crazy Eights… the options are endless, and the kids have fun with minimal effort on your end. For smaller children, stick to simpler games like Memory or War – perfect for their growing brains and little hands!

  • Spa Day


    This is a tried and true hit, especially if you have girls! Let the little ones brush and style your hair (think hair clips, bows and elastics). Break out some coconut oil or lotion and let them perform “facials” – and if you’re feeling extra brave – let them give you a mani/pedi. You may be pleasantly surprised at their stylist skills!

  • Go Camping


    Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned campout? Help the kids build a fort with couch cushions and bed sheets, add some sleeping bags and s’mores, and bam! You have yourself a bonafide “camping” adventure! They’ll happily play in it for ages while you blissfully lie there – definitely worth the effort.

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