White Lies We All Say About Sex

Jun 29, 2016

Either because we don’t want to hurt our partner’s feelings or look like we’re promiscuous – we sometimes tell white lies about our sex lives to our partners and close girlfriends. Want to see which are those lies? Read on for the most common fibs we tell them.

  1. You're The Best I've Ever Had


    Are we really expected to fess up and admit that we’ve had better? With all the taboo surrounding women and sex, it’s no wonder it’s hard for us to be frank – especially when the news isn’t good.

  2. Of Course I Don’t Masturbate!


    Many studies reveal that more than half of all women take time out to pleasure themselves – so why aren’t we owning up to it?! Masturbation is a normal and healthy component of sexuality. It is something to be talked about and discussed, not shamed!

  3. Size Doesn’t Matter


    Is it really the biggest we’ve ever had? Let’s face it ladies, penis size is a topic of conversation with our besties – but when it’s time to talk to our partner – we tend to stretch the truth (pun intended). Justifying fact: 84 percent of women are just fine with what their partner has. In fact, the people who seem to be the most concerned with penis size are men. See? That’s the reason why many exaggerate if need be.

  4. Ew, Porn


    Of course we say that – but truth is, we take pleasure in adult movies. Studies found that 1 in 3 women indulge in some type of porn at least once a week. Besides, watching porn can help you sexually self-actualize (just like fashion), teach you how to love your body, and validate your sexuality.

  5. I Had An Orgasm Too


    According to studies, about 60 percent of women have faked the big ‘O’ at some point. While men usually have no problem in this area – we are complex creatures and our bodies can be moody and unpredictable!

  6. Sex Toys Are Gross


    The topic of sex toys is just another one of those sex taboos for us ladies. Sex toys can make our intimate moments more pleasurable  – and if you or any of your friends aren’t enjoying them, then you might be missing on a valuable component of couple play!

  7. I Only Fantasize About You, Baby!


    Almost half of women have admitted to thinking about another man while they were making love with their man – and for many women, that fantasy includes a close friend and/or co-workers.

  8. How Many?!


    Don’t ask, don’t tell. While men usually exaggerate their sexual experience, women feel it necessary to lie about the amount of lovers that they’ve had so they don’t come off as slutty. (God forbid your abuelita finds out that your hubby was not your “first”!)

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