Tips For Raising An Introverted Child

Jun 7, 2016

It’s normal for parents to worry about their introverted children and even wonder if their behavior is mentally and emotionally healthy. Because introverts are so widely misunderstood, knowing how to raise one can be a challenge. Read on for 5 strategies on how to raise an introverted child to be a successful, confident adult!

  1. Don’t Label Them

    Shy is a word that carries a negative connotation in our society. Experts suggest that if your child is introverted, you shouldn’t label him or her. They’ll start to experience their nervousness as a fixed trait rather than as an emotion they can learn to control.

  2. Respect Their “Me” Time

    Your child needs some alone time daily to process her thoughts internally and recharge herself. Some people unwind and recharge by connecting with a group of friends or going out – not so with introverts. Give them their space.

  3. Help Them Express Their Feelings

    Introverted kids often internalize their feelings and keep them bottled up because it’s too uncomfortable for them to let it all out, especially if it’s something they might be embarrassed about. To help with communication, give your child a vehicle for self-expression such as art or writing in a journal.

  4. Communicate With Their Teacher

    Sometimes teachers misunderstand your child’s introversion as being uncooperative or shy. If you let the teacher know in advance that your child is an introvert, then it will help the teacher interpret your child’s behavior and help her in coping

  5. Celebrate Them

    Don’t just accept your child for who she is, treasure her for who she is – writes Quiet Power: The Secret Strengths of Introverts author Susan Cain. In a comfortable environment, introverts are often kind, thoughtful and focused.

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