Send Kids Off To Camp Successfully With These Tips

Jun 5, 2016

The final days of school have come and gone and kids are officially into summer – which means camp is right around the corner. Wondering about how to prepare for an overnight camp? You are not alone! Whether you’re a newbie to the camp game or a seasoned vet – many parents are frantic about how to prepare their kids (and themselves) for sleep-away camp. Read on for some helpful tips!

  1. Pack Like A Pro

    Look through the closet to see what your child really needs that he or she doesn’t already have. No sense in investing in a brand new camp wardrobe when many items return filthy, damaged or not at all! Since kids get dirtier and wetter at camp than anyone expects, make sure to pack extra underwear, socks and t-shirts. Involve your little one in every step of the packing – because once at camp – they will be in charge of their stuff and need to know exactly what’s in their bag. Check out these useful checklists to make packing a little easier.

  2. Emotionally Prepare

    Going away to camp (especially for the first time) can be scary, for you and for them. Let’s face it – overnight summer camp is a big step up from a weekend sleepover. To prepare your little camper, include them in choosing a camp and share with them all of the fun activities to enjoy and the new friends that they’ll make! Once at camp, give them the opportunity to personalize their space with family photos or a favorite comforting item that they can turn to if they get emotional.

  3. Stay Connected

    It’s okay to miss your kids – it means you like them! Keep in touch (in moderation) with a letter ahead of time so there is a little something waiting for them when they arrive at camp. Please refrain from calling them 3 times per day or telling them how miserable you are without them. Be cheery and happy while on the phone, you can grab your Kleenex tissues and cry as much as you want later! Make sure to respond to their letters or text messages and if applicable, send care packages, so that your child is never left waiting while children around them receive mail.

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