It’s OK To Hate Your Partner After Baby

Jun 15, 2016

There’s nothing harder on a marriage than a new baby – and let’s be real – almost every new mom kind of hates her partner (among other people) for a while. Between postpartum hormones, 3:00 am diaper changes, endless exhaustion and a complete upheaval of your daily life – it’s perfectly normal to feel resentful – especially when it seems like you’re the one with the brunt of change! Read on for reasons why you may feel like you don’t like your partner very much:

  1. Why He Annoys You

    Does everything he does annoy you to no end? Sometimes our emotions manifest as resentment even when they aren’t doing anything wrong. Taking care of a newborn brings a whole host of challenges and combined with your (already raging) hormones… it may not feel too pretty. Experts say that it’s more than understandable for you take it out on your partner. Keep him involved by being upfront with your feelings.

  2. Look At The Real Issues

    If the sound of his voice is enough for you to contemplate divorce, it’s time to get at the real problem. While lack of sleep, body changes and a colicky newborn are enough for anyone to feel like they’re losing it – there could be some other reasons you’re feeling extra irritable. Diet and dehydration are a big factor in anxiety, so make sure to get enough daily H2O (especially if nursing) and make sure to stay on top of a healthy diet by snacking on nuts, fruits and veggies.

  3. Make Time For Yourself

    Yes, we know the thought of having even five minutes to yourself seems impossible – but according to experts – it’s crucial! Take advantage of Abuelita’s babysitting offers and meet a friend for coffee, check out a stress reducing yoga class or get a mani-pedi. You can even try some retail therapy because … well, a new pair of shoes can be a real spirit lifter.

  4. When To Be Concerned

    While some after baby irritability towards your partner is normal, more intense frustration or anger can indicate a more serious problem, like postpartum depression. If you’re still battling with crankiness after a few weeks or you’re having trouble functioning with daily life, you may want to consult a doctor. Many women with postpartum depression find help and relief through talk therapy and/or medication.

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