If Your Zodiac Sign Is Cancer – This Is For You!

Jun 23, 2016

Deeply intuitive and sentimental, the woman of Cancer may be one of the most complex and interesting in the whole Zodiac.

The “cancerianas” are very emotional, sensitive and have the tendency to worry about family and her home. Her deeply caring nature always shines through, making this one of the most sympathetic signs. It’s because of this that the Cancer woman often feels an array of emotions all at once!

Those born under the sign of Cancer are very loyal and caring people, able to empathize with the pain and suffering of others even without knowing them. She is deeply intuitive and if she says she doesn’t feel right about someone, she will probably be proved right sooner or later. This is not about being judgmental – it’s about instincts and feelings.

Due to the Moon being their ruling planet, the sensitive Cancerians are known for their moodiness. They tend to think with their hearts rather than their heads.

As mothers, the “cancerianas” are so given to their children that sometimes, it may me confusing for them. Although they can be excellent disciplinarians, sometimes they exceed their care by allowing rewarding attitudes that are contrary to the disciplinary rules they had previously established.



  • Tenacious
  • Imaginative
  • Loyal
  • Protectress


  • Unpredictable moodiness
  • Insecure feelings
  • Suspicious and distrustful
  • Their need to manipulate


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Princess Diana

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Frida Kahlo

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Sofía Vergara

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