Literary Aromas: Scented Candles Inspired By Books

Jun 7, 2016

Book lovers rejoice! Now you can curl up with your favorite book a la candlelight while indulging your senses with book-inspired aromas. Running the gamut from classic literature to the comforting scent of nostalgic bookstores, book-inspired scented candles are all the rage! Fragrance week might be over, but the aromas still remain!

Check out our top picks:

  • Reading Nook Soy Candle

    Musky and warm – the hints of bergamot, amber, coriander and vanilla remind us of comforting old books.

  • Trashy Romance Novel

    Inspired by theSex On The Beach cocktail, this seductively sweet fragrance is the perfect partner in crime for your guiltiest pleasures!

  • Cozy Book Shop

    With the scent of a sweet blend of earthy tones of driftwood and hazelnut – the smell will have you reminiscing of brand-new books, freshly-ground coffee and cozy armchairs.

  • Bibliothèque

    Handmade in France and inspired by the rich fragrance of old-world libraries: notes of peach, plum and vanilla are set in handmade glass.

  • Reading at the Café

    Coffee and chocolate scents transport you to your favorite book lounge with a cappuccino in one hand and your fave read in the other.

  • Enchanted Library

    Vanilla, parchment, honey and coffee bean notes are gently blended into a unique scent of new and old books.

  • Smoked Pine Parchment

    The scents of pine, balsam, bergamot and smokey birch are blended with base notes of antique sandalwood and woodsy patchouli.

  • Oxford Library

    A cozy blend of wood and earthy tones make it easy to imagine yourself curled up with a book in the famed home of renowned literature.

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