Morning Mayhem: 5 Ways To Make Them Better

Jun 9, 2016

Mornings can be one of most stressful part of a parent’s (and kid’s) day – but you know it doesn’t have to be. If getting your family ready for the day revolves around temper tantrums, forgotten lunchboxes and mad dashes to the car – you are in need of a better family morning routine. Read on for 5 tips on how to get out the door on time without losing your mind!

  • Plan, Plan, Plan

    Get as much done the night before as you can to prevent last-minute morning scrambling. Before bedtime, lay out everything your kids (and you) will wear the next day. Set coats, purses, briefcases and backpacks by the door (or try an entryway organizer) and add any lunch items that will keep overnight to the kiddo’s lunch boxes.

  • Early Bird Gets The Worm

    Waking up 15 minutes earlier than usual can make a world of difference in your mornings. You’ll give yourself a cushion and maybe even a chance to get ready in peace! Ideally you will be showered, dressed and packed up for the day by the time the little ones awake – and if you’re lucky – you may even find a few precious moments for coffee!

  • De-Stress Breakfast

    Save the french toast for the weekend! Make your life easier by having a healthy (but easy) breakfast menu ready to go for school and work days. Cereal with fresh fruit, bagels and cream cheese and yogurt with granola are a few quick breakfast choices. Or try this yummy and healthy recipe for overnight oats!

  • Use A Chore Chart

    Having a morning routine chart for the kids will give them a visual reminder of the things that need to get done before heading out the door. Set up an easy to follow morning checklist that includes things like – brush teeth, make bed, get dressed, etc. – and encourage them to take ownership of these tasks (and try not to do everything for them!)

  • Stay Calm

    When you feel yourself becoming stressed, take a breather and relax. Kids can sense your frustration, so try to really focus on your attitude and use a calm voice. Remember, the more you rush or stress in the morning – the slower your kids will move!

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