To The Happy Couple! How To Ace A Wedding Toast

Jun 22, 2016

Delivering a successful wedding toast is a tricky thing. Even if you’re comfortable with public speaking, a million fears and questions can play out through your mind. Are jokes okay? How sentimental is too sentimental? Unsurprisingly, this can be stressful – but don’t fret because we have 5 tips on how to ace your next wedding toast!

  • Be Yourself

    Just be who you are! If you are a naturally funny person then go ahead and include lots of humor. If you’re a more serious person – keep it sincere. One thing to consider is the fact that, as Latinas, we feel the pressure of making a typical latino joke, simply because many consider the Latino culture to be “more funny“. But don’t let this stress you out.

    Follow your instincts, speak from the heart and the words will fall into place. If you deliver a genuine and heartfelt toast – it will be a big success.

  • Practice Makes Perfect

    Although winging it may seem like the easiest thing to do, writing something up beforehand will ensure you don’t get stage fright when standing in front of a crowd. There is no shame in writing down the toast exactly as you would say it and then practicing it until it becomes natural.

  • Funny Is Good

    Start the speech off with some appropriate comic relief to get people tuned in and laughing with you (and not at you!) A fail-safe option for fun is some light teasing of the newly married couple. Think of silly things that will make the room smile – but keep in mind that any funny story should always be told with a big dose of love – so stay away from embarrassing or potentially offensive stories.

  • Keep It Short

    Most importantly – keep it short and sweet. Nobody wants to listen to people babble on and on when they’re itching to hit the bar and get to dancing! If you give a toast that is more than a few minutes long, you may start to notice people looking at their phones instead of paying attention. Experts suggest not more than 5 minutes.

  • End With Thanks

    Close your toast by always thanking and congratulating the couple for including you in one of the happiest days of their lives. Don’t take it for granted that you are there sharing in a very personal and emotional experience. Give your best wishes and love to the couple and wish them a long and happy future!

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