12 Things You Should Bring To Hospital – And Probably Haven’t Thought Of!

Jun 3, 2016

You’ve counted down the weeks, and now it’s time to start thinking about the trip to the hospital for the delivery of your bundle of joy! With the help of some Latina Moms who have shared their packing do’s and don’ts, we’ve handpicked 12 must-have items you probably didn’t even know you needed!

  • Dry Shampoo


    With a couple of quick sprays and a simple brush through, your hair will look and smell great! Not to mention that you’ll come to keep this little time-saving treasure on hand for the rest of your mommy life.

  • Towel Wrap


    Hospital towels are thin and very scratchy, so scoop up a comfy towel wrap for your birth bag. It’ll help you feel more at home during your hospital stay and give you a little post-shower discretion for those unexpected visitors.

  • Hair Dryer


    Let’s face it, you probably won’t have the time or energy to invest in a full blow out. But just in case you have an unexpected spurt of energy to indulge yourself, make sure to take along your own blow dryer. The hospital provided ones are usually lacking the power to get the job done.

  • Toilet Paper


    The first trip to the loo post labor is not fun – not to mention the hospital’s toilet paper feels like sandpaper. Trust us, you will appreciate the comfort of your own when it comes to your sensitive lady parts!

  • Extension Cord


    Phone/camera chargers are notoriously short and you’ll never know if they’ll reach your bed while your devices are charging. Make your stay a little easier by packing a lightweight extension cord.

  • Facial Wipes


    You will want to spend as little time getting ready for bed as possible while at the hospital because you will likely be exhausted, and when that baby sleeps you will want to sleep too! Cleansing wipes are a tried and true fave.

  • Cash


    Yes, you packed granola bars and almonds – but trust us –  you’ll wish you had some bills for the vending machine for when healthy snacks don’t sound nearly as appetizing as a Snickers!

  • Granny Panties


    Forget your cute thongs and pack cotton briefs that you won’t mind throwing away (afterbirth can get messy). Go for comfort-fitting underwear that’ll hold your pads in place and that look a little more decent than the mesh panties the hospital passes out.

  • Baby Clothes


    Skip the sleep sack and tight-fitting outfits. Instead, pack a kimono-style set with footed pants so you don’t have to bring a ton of socks. Bodysuits that fasten up the front are great, too. Make sure to bring a few different sizes since you have no idea how much your newborn will weigh!

  • Delivery Menus


    We all can agree that hospital food is questionable at best. So pick up some take out menus from neighboring restaurants or install a handy delivery app like this one from GrubHub.

  • Baby Book


    You may want to jot down some details in baby’s book while everything is still fresh in your mind – or if you have a kind nurse to help you out – you may be able to score some footprints from a seasoned pro!

  • Socks


    Pack a few pairs of socks to keep baby’s tootsies warm and cozy in the frigid hospital air. Also bring a few pairs of socks for yourself (especially non-skid) to keep your feet protected as you walk around the ward.

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