Awesome Pool And Beach Hacks For Summer

Jun 17, 2016

Summer has arrived – which means there will be plenty of pool and beach days in the weeks ahead! Relaxing poolside or at the la playa is the best part of Summer, but as we all know too well – taking kids swimming requires quite a bit of planning and strategizing. We’ve rounded up a few summertime hacks to help you kick-off the season on the right foot and in the right frame of mind. Enjoy!

  1. DIY Towel Tote

    Tired of carrying too many bags to the beach or pool for all your stuff? This cool tutorial shows you how to sew a beach towel blanket into a practical bag – pure genius.

  2. Seal Up Your Phone

    If you must be on your phone at the beach or pool, zip it up to keep it clean. It’ll be safe from water, sand and crumbs and the touch screen still works through the bag. You can even use a gallon sized bag for your iPad.

  3. Keep Your Tootsies Cool

    We all have a few old, unsightly plastic chairs lying around. Instead of tossing them, chop off the legs, throw some spray paint on them and bam! – you have yourself some easy (and cheap) pool chairs!

  4. Noodle Sprinkler

    Here’s something fun and easy for the kids to make themselves. A few Dollar Store pool noodles, some duct tape and a hose is all it takes to make an awesome (and affordable!) sprinkler playground. Check out the tutorial here!

    Feeling lazy? You can always buy them at an affordable price. The kids simply looove them.

  5. Beach Blanket

    Towels are never big enough for the whole gang to spread out on. Instead, try an inside out fitted bed sheet! Use beach bags or coolers to prop up the sides to help keep sand out.

  6. Powder The Sand Away

    Not just for a baby’s bottom anymore – baby powder is a beach bag essential! After a long day at the beach, the last thing we want to worry about is having a car full of sandy kids. Dust on a little baby powder on the kiddos and voila!

  7. Wrap It Up

    There’s no need to spend a lot of money on a new summer cover up. Check out this  brilliant way to create a adorable no-sew cover up – out of a scarf!

  8. DIY Cooler

    Make your own pool cooler out of a plastic container and foam noodles for just a few bucks. Attach the noodles to the outside of a light cooler or container, stock with drinks and let it float around! So easy and clever.

  9. Get the Right Shoes

    little girl plays near the ocean in a tide pool

    Water shoes are a useful and potentially injury-saving beach accessory. If you or your kids have ever scrambled across a rocky beach barefoot (ouch!) or in flip flops (that can easily get swept away by the tide), you’ll know what we’re talking about. You’ll be surprised to know how many options there are when it comes to water shoes. Before making your choice, check out this comprehensive guide.

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