Weekly Fashion Do’s And Don’ts

May 30, 2016

Kirsten Dunst vs Elle Fanning

While fair complexion ladies sometimes have a hard time finding a hue that complements their skin tone, Kirsten Dunst scored in a glowing John Galliano creation. It’s easy for certain colors to wash out fair complexions – while some tones prove to be too much of a contrast. Kirsten took a risk with this saffron gown with black lace appliqués, proving that blondes can rock golden fabrics too! The classic style of the dress balances the vivid color and the touch of delicate black lace provides a perfect touch of sophistication.

Regrettably, Elle Fanning’s attempt at complementing her fair coloring fell flat. The actress opted for a flesh-colored peacock patterned Valentino gown. Between its ill-fitting top and overly busy skirt, the look came off as messy instead of mesmerizing. To make matters worse, Elle chose a gold harness necklace/belt combo that added more confusion to her red carpet ensemble. She would’ve been better off taking a page out of Kirsten’s book when it comes to stunning style.

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