Meet The 8 Most Stylish Men In The World

May 10, 2016

GQ released its annual list of the 13 Most Stylish Men in the World, and it’s a pretty solid selection. From well-known Hollywood leading men like Ryan Reynolds to chic rappers like Drake, the list hits every end of the style spectrum. We’ve rounded up our own picks from the coveted list and added a couple of our own … George and Matthew.

  1. Tom Hardy

    The British actor has carved out his own unique style combining effortless and edgy, which can flawlessly go from functional to red carpet ready.

  2. Drake

    Not only one of the most influential rappers of our time, but Drake has also proven himself one of the most fashionable. It’s all about keeping it cool, masculine and above all, relaxed.

  3. Ryan Reynolds

    Ryan, Ryan… he always looks good, period. This Hollywood heartthrob has mastered a laid-back, cool and confident style that’s all his own. We can’t get enough of him.

  4. Harry Styles

    From 70’s inspired cleavage baring shirts to skinny jeans- the former boy-bander is clearly on his way to becoming a style king.

  5. George Clooney

    According to Giorgio Armani, George makes a suit look “simply fantastic.” Actually, we’re pretty sure he can make a trash bag look fantastic. ¡Guapo!

  6. Aziz Ansari

    An obvious fashion fan, Ansari prefers Dior and Saint Laurent and has this to say about his style, “You know what brands look really good on me? The most expensive ones!” Sounds kind of snob, but it’s kind of true.

  7. Lucky Blue Smith

    The 17-year-old has quickly made a name for himself as the biggest young male model in the world right now. As the face of Tom Ford, Lucky already has a cult following with over 2 million Instagram followers.

  8. Matthew McConaughay

    One of Hollywood’s sexiest leading men has come a long way from jeans and leather jackets, evolving his style to impressively tailored tuxes with all the right finishing touches.

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