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May 9, 2016

Victoria Beckham vs Zuleyka Rivera

There’s no more classic — or timeless — of a fashion statement than black and white. A classic style and color combination since the beginning of fashion, the sheer simplicity ensures that there will be no end in sight for this look.

Fashion icon Victoria Beckham nails the trend with a striped neck boat tee, a pair of black leggings and classic black pumps. While a boat neckline compliments a more slender figure, full-figured women can achieve the same look by opting for a v-neck to accentuate their curves, rather than hide them.

Zuleyka Rivera keeps it simple yet chic with a black mini dress, modern leather jacket and a funky polka dot clutch. While there is no denying the former Miss Universe hits a home run when it comes to flattering her voluptuous figure, she missed the mark by adding casual sneakers to her ensemble. Ballerina flats or a simple sandal would’ve been a better choice in landing her as a fashion do instead of a don’t. Sorry Zuleyka!

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