Latina Moms Beauty Bag Essentials

May 8, 2016

Fact: Every woman needs a reliable makeup bag. After all, it holds everything we need to look and feel fabulous throughout the day. Whether you’re heading off to work or getting ready for a girls night out, it’s important to have the right cosmetics and tools handy! Here are a few beauty bag essentials that are a must have for a Latina woman on the go.

  1. Beauty Sponge

    The entire point of wearing face makeup is to make our skin look natural and flawless, and makeup sponges are the easiest way to get that result. At $20, The Beauty Blender sponge has proven itself a tried and true consumer favorite; all beauty bloggers rave about it.

  2. Hair Oil

    Hair oils are a favorite of beauty experts everywhere and for good reason. They’re great for healing split ends, sealing in moisture and taming those frizzy curls. Dove’s Dry Oil – Pure Care Nourishing Hair Treatment manages unruly flyaways with a lightweight formula that smells great and won’t weigh down your locks.

  3. Contouring Kit

    Contouring, contouring, contouring….When it comes to contouring, an affordable, no-fuss palette that does all of the work for you is a makeup fundamental. With a bevy of products catering to the craze now on the market, you don’t need to spend a fortune to get the look. Check out this handy contour kit from Ulta.

  4. Nude Polish

    Opaque or translucent, there are endless ways to wear nudes. They’re versatile enough for any outfit and easily transition from day to night. Keep a bottle like this one from Essie on hand to touch up chips and other nail mishaps that can pop up throughout the day.

  5. Root Cover Up

    Roots? Never! Need to manage those unsightly roots in between salon visits? Whether they’re the most stubborn grays or the darkest of browns, disguise roots without looking fake or feeling stiff. Color Wow Root Cover Up convincingly covers up root re-growth and stays put until you wash your hair. It’s been tested by our beauty editors and it really works!

  6. Tweezers

    No Frida Kahlos here. Tweezers are a life-saver when you need to clean up stray eyebrows at the last minute or when you find a hair on your body that really shouldn’t be there. These Tweezerman cost about $20, are easy to grip and have a blade sharp enough for precision work. You can also get them sharpened for free, so they’ll last forever, definitely making them worth the splurge.

  7. Argan Oil

    When most of us think of argan oil, we think of shiny, bouncy hair. But did you know it has amazing benefits for your skin, too? For less than $20, Nourish Organic’s Replenishing Argan Oil is an absolute steal! Great for everyday use, this oil blend is fast absorbing, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and is great for both the face and body. In other words, it’s an instant do-it-all moisturizer for the whole body.

  8. Hair Fix

    Looking for a hair accessory that will leave you with endless options? From French twists, buns, and more, the Maximas Large Hair Clip, has all of your daily hair needs covered. While it’s definitely a splurge at $40, you won’t be sorry on your next bad hair day.

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