Kids Rally Around Their Friend To Keep Him At School

May 23, 2016

Colorado fifth-grader Brady Green has been granted permission to attend Blevins Middle School after his friends and family campaigned to allow him to stay in their neighborhood school. Even though he was thriving in a class with his friends, Brady (who is diagnosed with Down syndrome) was going to be moved to a school with a program for students with special needs. Taking matters into their own hands, his friends petitioned the school system to let him stay in their class.

Brady Green’s classmates went to bat for him at a school board meeting to speak about why their friend should attend Middle School with them in September. Six fifth-graders from Brady’s elementary school, took to the podium to speak about how he has enriched their lives. “He lights up the room whenever he’s around, he helps people when they’re down and he makes us laugh”, friend Ella expressed at the meeting. “If we are allowed to choose what middle school we go to, why isn’t Brady allowed to? Just because he has a disability does not mean he is different than us.”

Thanks to the heartfelt testimonies of Brady’s classmates – the beloved student’s story has a happy ending! Come next school year, he will be alongside all his friends as a sixth grader.

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