How To Parent An Emo

May 28, 2016
emo teen

Formerly known as Goth – Emo (short for emotional) is a form of pop culture with which many teenagers identify. Emo teens listen to sensitive and expressive music and dress in a certain style (usually all black)!  For parents, it may be difficult to know how to respond when your lighthearted child suddenly transforms in to a gloomy and dark teenager, but if you concentrate on building a good relationship – then it’s likely to be nothing more than a harmless, passing fad. Read on for some tips on how to cope with the emo stage.

  1. Respect Their New Look

    Your teen’s choice to express her own identity and dress her own way can leave you anxious. After all, it can be a little concerning when they choose only to wear dark colors, slather on heavy eye makeup and keep their eyes covered with their hair – but try to keep your opinions to yourself (easier said than done) and respect their fashion choices.

  2. Feed Their Interests

    An emo kid is typically sensitive and thoughtful as well as being quiet and introspective. They tend to keep to themselves and rarely have any interest in extracurricular activities. While you definitely want to ensure they don’t become overly anti-social or depressed, give them breathing room to decide what they are interested in. Because the emo culture feeds on emotions, many express themselves through various artistic talents, including drawing and poetry.

  3. Communicate

    The best thing parents can do with an emo kid is to communicate. Don’t be afraid to express concern or ask questions – and be specific! Don’t make assumptions about your child’s behavior based on appearance. For many teens, embracing alternative cultures is a rebellion against societal norms – but it doesn’t necessarily indicate bigger (or dangerous) issues.

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