8 Epic Uses For Shoe Organizers

May 18, 2016

Not just for shoes! Handy over-the-door organizers are great for everything from storing cleaning supplies to a DIY herb garden. Plus, it takes up minimal space and hides behind doors! Check out these new uses for the common door hanging shoe organizer to add more space to your home.

  • Beauty Organizer


    If you’re lacking counter space, consider buying a shoe organizer for your beauty products. From storing brushes to nail polish, there will be more pockets for all your beauty goods than you probably even need!

  • Pet Station


    Arrange all of your furry friend’s needs in a snap! Shampoo, brush, leash, harness, collar, jacket, sweater, nail clippers, toothbrush – you name it – the pockets are great for keeping your pet’s accessories in order.

  • Herb Garden


    Say wha?! That’s right…a garden. Don’t have enough space in your place to grow some herbs? Hang a canvas shoe organizer, fill with potting soil, and plant your favorite herbs in the pouches and voilà! You’ll soon have a vertical spread of herbs to flavor your favorite dishes! Learn more here.

  • Hanging Toy Box


    Are your child’s Barbies or action figures getting out of control? Store them neatly in perfectly sized pockets, along with all those easily lost small accessories. An affordable an instant space-saving, vertical toy box. No more tripping over toys in the middle of the night!

  • Wrap And Roll


    Say goodbye to the days of digging through the closet for those rolls of wrapping paper! Gift wrap will stay clean and crisp in a shoe organizer. Cut through the bottom of two rows of pockets towards the bottom and slide the gift wrap inside.

  • Kid Art Station


    Create an accessible art center for the kiddos by storing paint brushes, scissors, rolls of tape, glue sticks and felt markers in one place. A shoe organizer is perfect to sort out all their art supplies for easy finding. This one from Real Simple has clear pockets and card holders for labeling!

  • Cleaning Supplies


    Keep dangerous cleaning products up and away from kids and pets (and declutter under the sink). Put a different bottle of cleaning solution in each pocket as well as dust rags and any other items necessary for making your home spic and span.

  • Get Your Craft On


    Sort grown-up craft supplies, such as yarn, embroidery thread, needles and fabric in your organizer. From sewing to scrapbooking, the see through pockets are super handy for easy access to all of your crafty accessories!

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