7 Abuela-Approved Home Remedies

May 8, 2016

Sore throat? Ruddy skin? Evil eye? No need to fret! Abuela has a home remedy for everything. Stave off ailments with these simple remedies inspired by Abuelita. The best part is that you probably already have the majority of these ingredients in your fridge or pantry! (pssst, most of them work too).

  • She knows about soft skin


    We’ve all wondered what Abuela’s secret was to her baby soft skin. Use an olive oil and sea salt scrub to slough away dead skin and lock in moisture. Add lavender-scented essential oil to kick it up a notch!

  • She will heal your throat


    The classic limón y miel remedy is perfect for when you have a sore throat. Whether caused by a cold or allergies, a mixture of warmed up honey and lime can help soothe it and kill germs lurking in there. It actually works!

  • And your Hangover


    From almost the beginning of time, Abuelitas around the world have been whipping up a steaming bowl of sancocho (meat stew) to mend a number of maladies. If you’ve had a few too many glasses of wine at last night’s dinner, grab yourself a bowl with a dash of lime to cure that looming hangover.

  • She is a hair specialist too!


    Té de manzanilla, a true Abuelita favorite, brings out the natural highlights in your hair. Boil a tea bag let it cool, and then soak your hair.  Many Hispanic supermarkets even sell a natural highlighting shampoo named de manzanilla.


  • She owns the magic potion


    According to Abuela, Vaporú is the go-to cure for everything from chapped lips to congestion. Rub on the chest on feet to treat cold symptoms, slather it on your achy joints and even use it to dab on blemishes or acne.

  • And the Evil Eye Shield


    A folk illness primarily affecting children, Mal de Ojo is a supernatural belief: an admiring look or a stare to a young baby can weaken the child, leading to bad luck and sickness. Rub the uncooked egg all over the body of the inflicted child for three straight days to absorb the negative energy!

  • Abuela's Ultimate Remedy


    True to its translation “the good herb”. Yerba Buena has a number of good uses including constipation and bloating. Its anti-spasmodic properties and yummy minty flavor relax tense digestive organs–including treatment of stomach and intestine and proves to be a soothing remedy for most stomach ailments. No wonder is one of Abuela’s #1 suggestion for upset bellies.

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