Smoking Kills. 5 Ways To Quit Now

May 7, 2016

There are so many reasons to quit smoking. From smelling like an ashtray and premature aging (wrinkles) to heart attacks and cancer, we all know by now that cigarettes are deadly and disgusting. Although quitting can be a real challenge, there is a growing number of smoking cessation aids and therapies that are making it easier than ever for smokers to break their addiction to nicotine. What’s right for you? Here are stop-smoking aids and solutions to kick the nasty habit.

  • Electronic Cigarettes


    A process of weaning off of nicotine, e-cigarettes is one of most popular trends in kicking the habit. A recent study found that people who wanted to quit smoking were about 60 percent more likely to succeed if they used e-cigarettes compared to would-be quitters who tried an anti-smoking nicotine patch or gum.

  • Acupuncture


    Although acupuncture not be as well-known as nicotine patches or gum, some experts agree that it curbs cigarette cravings quite successfully and is a healthier way to quit smoking. Unlike prescription medications, acupuncture has no known negative side effects and can provide helpful benefits like improvements in sleep or mood.

  • Gums And Patches


    According to experts, combining the use of the nicotine patch with the gum, increases your chances of success. Both have proven to work effectively with nicotine gum releasing nicotine slowly into the mouth and nicotine patches stick to your skin and slowly release nicotine into your bloodstream. It still sounds nasty, but it’s part of the success process.

  • Medication


    Chantix is the latest and most popular trend in smoking cessation prescription medications. It’s usually prescribed for a 12-week period, with the option of another 12-week maintenance course. It’s estimated that 33% of smokers who use the help of prescription drugs successfully quit.

  • Willpower


    A recent study into smoking cessation has revealed that the overwhelming majority of ex-smokers gave up without resorting to nicotine replacement therapies. Old-fashioned willpower alone was enough to make them quit their habit cold turkey. Let’s do this!

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