Get Glowing Skin With This DIY Facial

Apr 6, 2016
DIY steam facial treatment

Clogged pores? Dull skin? Rethink booking that pricey spa facial and indulge your skin at home with this DIY steam facial treatment using just a few items that you likely already have in your kitchen. This basic at-home facial can be done once a week and works on oily, dry and combination skin. So skip the spa bill and become your own steam esthetician!

What you need:

1 kettle
1 large glass bowl
Purified water
Herbs or tea, if desired
1 large towel
1 face cloth

  1. Wash And Exfoliate
    DIY steam facial treatment

    Using a washcloth, thoroughly cleanse your skin with a mild cleanser to remove all the traces of makeup. Exfoliate with your favorite product or try this easy DIY version.

  2. Set Up Steam
    DIY steam facial treatment

    Bring two cups water to a boil in the kettle. Add your loose herbs, tea, or essential oils into glass bowl and pour boiling water overall ingredients until just covered. Let steep 7-8 minutes covered. If using essential oils let the water cool, covered for 5 minutes then add the oils.

  3. Breathe It In

    Lean over the water, making sure to keep your face about 10 inches from the water. Place the towel over your head and breathe deeply for 5-10 minutes. Close your eyes while steaming and relax.

  4. Moisturize
    DIY steam facial treatment


    Finish up by applying your favorite moisturize or nourishing face oil to seal in that soft, dewy look. After steaming your face, your skin will soak up whatever you put on it – so don’t use any chemicals or synthetic products!

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