In Search Of A Bag That’s Got Your Back? We Just Found It

Apr 8, 2016

I’m one of those women who prefer a highly functional backpack to a cute, trendy clutch. I’m also the type of person who carries almost her entire household with her, “just in case.” From chewable Tums to a variety of charging cables to honey sticks (‘cause you never know when you’re going to need a natural sugar boost!).

Since for me, form follows function, I’m left with very few options for my everyday bag choices. I usually end up with a huge and heavy purse filled with countless makeup pouches to keep all my knickknacks neatly organized (because not carrying my all-natural eye drops is not an option). That’s what made me fall in love at first sight with my Healthy Back Bag® (HHB) Ameribag: pockets! There are so many pockets in this shoulder bag that you’ll wonder where all your stuff is, but in a good way.

  1. Everything in its place

    I got the Aztec Tapestry HBBevo in XS. When I ordered it, I was afraid the S was going to be too bulky and the XS too tiny, but it was actually the perfect size. It’s woven with fun patterns on a light background, so it’s colorful but not too bright and busy, perfect for everyday use.

    It has a double zipper on the inside, which makes it easy to access my things without having to remove it from my shoulder. The fact that the zipper is inside, also makes it incredibly safe because I don’t have to worry about anyone accessing my stuff while I’m on the go.

    How often have you found yourself fishing through the depths of your purse, sorting through all kinds of debris until you find what you’re looking for? This bag eliminates that problem. You can stuff every single pocket and there is still space left inside, but if you are like me and like all your things compartmentalized, you probably won’t even use the actual main pouch of the bag and just take full advantage of its myriad pockets.

  2. Shouldering the load

    What really blew my mind is how much stuff I can fit in this bag without it ever feeling heavy.  Handbags aren’t always the most ergonomically friendly things for my back and shoulder, but my Healthy Back Bag never weighs me down. The secret, according to their website, is in the HBB’s teardrop shape: the weight is distributed along the length of the back so that it doesn’t pull from a single point in the shoulder; this also encourages good posture. The design was the brainchild of a doctor, a chiropractor, a master leather craftsman, and a woman who needed a smarter, lighter bag after she endured back surgery.

    This bag is both functional and stylish. It even has a padded space for my tablet, which proved to be incredibly useful in crowds. I no longer have to worry about my gadgets breaking or getting scratched up by my keys.

    Speaking of keys, my Ameribag came with 2 hooks on the inside, perfect to hang my keychain. It’s in the top inside of the bag, so it’s also incredibly easy to reach if you’re trying to get to them quickly. I wish an extra hook could be added on the outside for my hand sanitizer, but I can forgive this nice-to-have because there’s a small magical magnetic pocket on the outside that fits my lip balm in such a perfect way that it almost seems like it was designed for it.

    When I finally changed my purse and got all of my things out of my Ameribag, I was surprised to see how much actually fit in there.

    Last but not least, the price range is not bad at all if you consider other bags in the same category… plus, it comes with a 2-year warranty for repairs or replacement on defective products.

    Functional, fashionable and forward thinking. What’s not to love?

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