13 Hard Facts That You Learned Growing Up In A Latina Household

Apr 25, 2016

Well… así somos. From Vapor Rub to abuela’s cooking, enjoy a few facts that all people who come from a Hispanic family can relate to (and probably laugh about).

  • La señal de la cruz


    You have to make the sign of a cross every time you pass a church…otherwise, you’ll be riddled with bad luck.

  • Everyone In Your Family Has A Nickname

    No doubt about it, Latinos love nicknames. At one point we’ve all called each other flaca, feo, mamita, titi, mima, etc.

  • You Ate Better Than Any Other Infant


    Despite what the pediatrician advised, you feasted on potaje de chícharos and lentejas at 3 months old… Dr. Spock ain’t got nothing on abuela’s expertise.

  • No Handshakes, Please

    You greet everyone with a kiss on the cheek…handshakes are awkward and kinda rude.

  • You Never Left The House Without Makeup


    Barefaced in public?! As your mom would say, ” mija, you’ll never meet a man with those ojeras!”

  • Vick's VapoRub is a must at home


    What else is the cure-all for everything from treating a headache to warding off mosquitos? “Vaporú” to the rescue!

  • Who Needs A Keurig?!


    Your mami, tia and abuela have been making cafécito with this since before you were born.

  • Veladoras De Santos Are A Part Of Your Home Decor


    Your non Latina friends had no idea what these candles were, but as far as you knew, no self-respecting home was without them.

  • There's A Room Or Piece Of Furniture That's Off Limits


    How else do you keep the house ready for special occasions? We all knew better than to sit on Abuela’s “nice”sofa without permission.

  • Dios Te Bendiga!

    You never leave the house or come in the house without asking your elders for “la bendición”.

  • What Mrs. Dash?!


    What doesn’t taste better with a good sofrito or adobo? Enough said.

  • You Were A Café Con Leche Afficinado By Age 5


    Just needed a little pan con mantequilla for dipping and you were ready for your day at school!

  • There's One (or more than one) Cross On The Wall


    You may not have made it to church every Sunday, but your house wasn’t lacking some kind of religious tribute.

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