Please Stop Posting These On Social Media

Mar 1, 2016

We’ve all sometimes wondered, “Should I post this on Facebook?” As social media becomes more and more a part of our daily lives, it can be increasingly hard to filter what should and shouldn’t end up on your Instagram or Twitter accounts, and how often the same type of photos should be posted. Since there isn’t an “official” book of do’s and don’ts, we have gathered these five type of pictures you should control on social media:

  1. Endless pics of your pets

    Let’s face it – as much as you love your pets, there is such a thing as too many pictures. Even if you just got a new puppy, try to tone it down if all you’re posting on your feed is the same kind of picture. Shake things up with other pictures; what you had for dinner or the beautiful sunset you saw last night. Your followers will thank you!

  2. Pics of food with the flash still on

    Flash can be a lifesaver if you’re trying to make your subject visible in a dark room, but when it comes to food, leaving the flash on can actually have a negative effect. It’ll accentuate all the tiny, un-photogenic details of your delicious food and make it look… well, not so delicious anymore. Instead, opt for natural lighting!

  3. Cross-posted photos

    As tempting as it might be to post that photo you’re really proud of to every account you have, desist! You’ll only be spamming your followers. Some photos are better for a certain platform, so decide where to post before you upload multiple versions of the same pic.

  4. Pics taken while tipsy

    Something about that buzzed feeling makes it super appealing to live-blog your night out on social media, but you really shouldn’t. You will have better judgment in the morning, and you’ll be able to enjoy more in the moment instead of trying to capture it all for posterity. It’ll also save you the hassle of going back and deleting posts you regret!

  5. Workout glam shots

    Taking workout photos is really motivational sometimes. It helps you see your progress, and you have concrete proof that you just accomplished an hour of cardio. But your Instagram feed isn’t always the place to share your fitness successes, especially if you post gym updates constantly. Keep those photos as a personal record for yourself, and it’ll feel that much more rewarding to look back on them.

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