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Mar 8, 2016
female news anchors

Most of us turn on the news at least once a day, even if it only serves as a backdrop for the morning rush or evening dinner prep. Increasingly, our daily dose of news is administered by female news anchors — fabulous, brilliant, and singularly stylish women. Their presence is woven into the fabric of our lives; we rely on their reassuring poise in times of crisis.

Over the years female news anchors have stepped out from behind the desk and shed the severe (and let’s be honest, potentially mannish) power suit that once denoted authority. Freedom from the anchor desk gives the audience an added intimacy with the newsroom, but it also sets up quite a few fashion obstacles. Skirt length, heel height, and the ability to sit modestly enough to withstand every imaginable camera angle are under constant scrutiny. Women’s ascendency on television news has ushered in a new era of on-air style proving that you can embrace your femininity without losing one iota of gravitas.

We can all learn a thing or two from these powerful, inspirational, beautiful  and stylish women.

  1. Natalie Morales
    female news anchors

    Photo By: Peter Kramer/NBC

    Natalie Morales made headlines for herself after being promoted to News Anchor on NBC’s Today show.

    She has a fresh modern style, opting for tailored clothes with sleek lines. She keeps her color palette fairly monochromatic, favoring neutrals like burnished grey and black, or making a statement with one bold, saturated hue. Her hair and makeup are always low key and natural. The result is thoroughly current, thoroughly appealing, and just a touch of glam.

  2. Diane Sawyer
    female news anchors


    Diane Sawyer is a sublime segue from the old school to the brave new world of women in the news. Anchoring the World News with Diane Sawyer on ABC, she personifies sophisticated elegance in beautifully tailored blouses, cozy turtleneck sweaters, or a crisp, face-framing collar.

    Her look is simple, classic, and always ladylike. She illustrates the strength of straightforward femininity; her best accessory is a direct gaze, captivating us all with her air of empathetic wisdom.

  3. Maria Celeste Arrarás
    female news anchors

    La Nacion

    Maria Celeste is a multimedia phenomenon, a role model and an inspiration to all women, everywhere. She is the host and managing editor of “Al Rojo Vivo”, one of the most talked about news magazine in Hispanic television, produced by Telemundo/NBC. She is also a guest host for NBC’s the Today Show and has collaborated with Dateline and NBC Nightly News. Additionally, she is the co-anchor of Telemundo’s national evening news, alongside Jose Díaz-Balart.

    She keeps her outfits professional and sophisticated, embracing the latina curves with class and poise. She favors bright colors, specially red (maybe because her show is called ‘Red Hot Live’?). Her hair and makeup are always on the natural side and she always accessorizes her wardrobe with a warm welcoming smile. This Emmy-award winner surely knows how to make a statement in the journalistic arena.


  4. Maria Elvira Salazar
    female news anchors


    This Cuban-American journalist is cherished by first and second-generation Cubans.  She has hosted several news analysis programs under a variety of names featuring her first name, Maria Elvira. She is a familiar face to many U.S. Hispanics who grew up watching her as one of the very first national news anchors on SIN, the predecessor network to Univision.

    Her style is simple yet sophisticated. Salazar favors a shirt inspired look in the form of wrap dress or two pieces, and always ads a feminine touch with the use of her signature bold necklaces. Her hair and makeup are carefully crafted to give an impression of a natural, chic look.

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