These Are 2016’s Top 5 Coolest Toys

Mar 3, 2016

Every February, the International Toy Fair comes to New York City. At this ‘funtastic’ 4-day event, toymakers from all over the world showcase toys that’ll excite your inner child as well as your kids. Check out five of 2016’s coolest toys!

  • Edwin the Duck

    Pi Lab

    Edwin the Duck does way more than squeak: it’s also a bluetooth speaker that can play white noise, sing lullabies, and tell stories. This high tech rubber ducky takes bath time fun to a whole new level. Best of all, it’s still waterproof so your little ones can enjoy it the traditional way.

  • Barbie Fashionistas & Careers


    With its new line of Barbies®, the Fashionistas, Mattel is making their classic dolls more diverse. There are now 24 hairstyles and 30 hair colors as well as seven skin tones, so your kids can find the Barbie to which they can relate. On top of that, Barbie’s careers now include President or VP – she’ll be a great role model for kids with big dreams. Barbie Fashionistas will be available in Spring 2016, while Barbie President and Barbie Vice President will be available Fall 2016.

  • Slackers NinjaLine


    This obstacle course that looks like it came straight from American Ninja Warrior is the newest thing your adventurous kids will want in the backyard. It’s got nine different ropes, rings, and bars to really test their athleticism! The 30 Ft. Intro Kit will be available this Spring.

  • Pirasta


    This poster-sized coloring book with contributions from various illustrators features fantasy scenes and maps your kids will love to color. The sheets are large enough to paper your walls (63″ x 36″)! You can also join smaller sheets to form larger sheets. They’re also environmentally responsible, printed on recycled paper with vegetable ink.

  • Sphero Force Band


    The Sphero Force Band is a wrist bracelet that lets you control your Sphero BB-8™. Even though it only works with the Sphero BB-8, it goes a long way toward making your kids (and you… this one is for the Star Wars fan in all of us) look and feel like Jedis. The bracelet will be available in Fall 2016, and you can sign up for notifications on their site.

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