The New Ty-Lite Phone Case: A Bit Too Much?

Feb 15, 2016

Ahhhh Selfies. Sometimes they’re annoying, sometimes they’re dangerous and sometimes they’re simply cool. We all have our own “selfies” album on our smartphones (yes, don’t deny it).

But not everyone has mastered this skill. Luckily (or maybe not?) there is a new beauty gadget that is designed to give you a perfect glow no matter where you are. The Ty-lite, a new smartphone case surrounded with built-in L.E.D. lights that mimic those in a dressing room for maximum ‘beautifying’ effect. It comes with three settings: cool, warm and brilliant, and they can be dimmed and brightened as you please, so the question is now… would you buy it? It comes at $80 per case.

Take the poll below and let us now what you think!

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