Paid Dates: The Controversial Ohlala App

Feb 20, 2016

The newest app to hit the dating market is coming to New York from overseas. The Ohlala dating app, originally developed in Germany, has a controversial premise: It lets men pay for dates with women. While this sounds dubious on the legal front, Ohlala’s developers have been quick to reassure users that the purpose of the app is not to encourage illegal activity, or to enable prostitution. According to them, the app’s goal is to make connections and hookups easier and much quicker. The app works like this: After setting up a profile, men can send out a date request to all women who are using the app. The date request must include a budget and a time duration, and requests can’t be made longer than four hours in advance. Women can then respond to the request if they choose to by sending a message and clarifying the details of the date. One aspect of the app seems to protect women’s privacy: men can only chat to a woman once she has responded to their date request. It all sounds simple enough, but an app like this is bound to stir things up. How do you feel about “paid dates”? Do you think this is a modern prostitution model? Please let us know…

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