Glowing In Style: 3 Maternity Wardrobe Tricks From Anne Hathaway’s Stylist

Feb 24, 2016

Ladies, just because we’re pregnant doesn’t mean we can’t still strive to look glamorous! If you’re expecting and you want to be super stylish for the next nine months, you’re not alone. Anne Hathaway’s stylist, Penny Lovell, recently offered some tips on how to craft a trendy outfit no matter how far along you are. Check out her great maternity wardrobe tricks!

  • Pick pleated pants

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    The secret to a classy and flattering outfit turns out to be front-pleated pants. The key is the low waistband, which sits comfortably under your baby bump. These versatile pants can be worn even if you’re in the late stages of pregnancy. They remain both comfortable and stylish, coming in a variety of colors and fabrics.

  • Wear slightly longer skirts

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    Because your belly bump will eventually make the hem of your skirt rise up higher than usual, you want to make sure you choose skirts with lengths that can adapt to your pregnancy. Try the trendy midi skirt, which falls below the knees. As a bonus, you’ll be able to keep the skirt even after your baby is born!

  • Stock up on shirtdresses

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    As we mentioned in our previous article on timeless dresses that never go out of style, the shirtdress is a great choice for maternity wear. It’s super comfortable while still looking effortlessly chic. You’ll want to stock up once you realize how awesome they are!

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