These Are 2016’s Hottest Hair Trends

Feb 10, 2016

One of the most important keys to style success is staying current with the fashion trends that are hot off the runways. We often focus on the most stylish clothes, shoes, and makeup, but we can’t forget the importance of hair to our overall look! Hairstyle is one of the defining features of your appearance: it will enhance the beauty of your face, or be detrimental if not properly groomed! Check out 2016’s hairstyle trends and you can then decide which is the one for your personal style.

  1. Natural colors

    Jenny Packham

    As much as we loved the ombre and the adventurous hair dyes that were all the rage in 2015, this year it’s more about subtle. Tone it down with classy, natural shades closer to your own hair color for a timeless and put-together look.

  2. Deconstructed style

    Opening Ceremony

    This new trend that promises to be popular in 2016 is stylish without taking a ton of effort – so it’s easier on you! Instead of worrying about every lock of hair being in the right place, relax – and leave the house with a looser, freer, more casual style. This year it’s all about deconstructed looks that are both modern and chic.

  3. Exposed roots

    Henry Lamb/Photowire/Beimages

    It might be your instinct to rush to the salon for a touch-up the second your roots start to show after dyeing your hair, but according to the runway this season, you might want to start leaving your hair alone! Exposed roots are all the rage for 2016, and many celebrities are rocking the look.

  4. Ponytails & buns


    Busy women, rejoice! This year ponytails and buns, our casual best friends, are very much in. Make any ponytail or chignon classy by pulling back your hair tightly, finger-combing some hair gel through the top of your hair, and hiding the elastic with a piece of hair from the pony. This look instantly becomes modern and fresh.

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