Unique Decor Ideas For Your Christmas Table

Dec 23, 2015

Holiday season is the perfect time to excel in our home decor, especially our Christmas table decorations. We all would love to be remembered as the hostess that had “such a gorgeous table setting”. And let’s be honest, food tastes better when presented over a beautifully arranged table and plates.

While the menu may be settled, (there can never be any shortage of freshly baked pan de jamón, or coquito) we cannot help but wonder year after year how to make our Christmas table designs really stand out and convey that jolly spirit. Here is a list of the Christmas table decorations you have to consider if you want to impress everyone, including Santa!

  1. 1. DIY Centerpieces

    As its name conveys, it is the decorating piece that is strategically placed in the center of the table. Not feeling like a master crafter of centerpieces? All you have to do is get some fresh flowers allusive to the Holidays (Poinsettias, pine tree branches with pinecones, or even some red apples in a beautiful basket}. The truth is that, as long as you do it with love and keep it simple, you are practically guaranteed to be successful at it.

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