The Power Of Writing Down Your New Year’s Resolutions

Dec 22, 2015
new year's resolution ideas

Be honest: when was the last time your New Year’s resolutions lasted longer than the first week? Okay, maybe the first month. Perhaps you have been tempted to abandon the whole writing down these “unattainable” goals and simply live the now. Well, it does not have to be like this. Some experts affirm that formally writing down your goals can help you visualize them and therefore overcome stereotypes or unclear paths. So dear friend, let’s grab that pen and…

  1. Get real

    Forget everything you know about New Year’s Resolutions and just think realistically from now on. Instead of daydreaming, ask yourself, “What do I really want?” Think about 1 to 5 things you want to happen in the next 5 months. Start simple, don’t be greedy.

  2. What you have now

    Now keep in mind that any of your New Year’s resolution ideas will require at least two things: time and money. Review your list if you know you are going to be missing any of those important ingredients.

  3. Goals instead of fantasies

    Sorry to bust your bubble, but if you appreciate your time at all, you know it’s precious. For this reason, come up with short term goals you can actually accomplish.

  4. Be specific

    The more detailed your New Year’s resolution ideas are, the easier it will be to accomplish them. It might even take you less time to accomplish the whole list!

  5. Get help

    A good way of keeping yourself on track with your goals is to have a loved one support you. It always helps to have a “personal trainer” reminding you as often as possible that you’re on a mission – a journey to a better life.

Good luck!

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