Teach Your Kids The Wonderful Skill Of Empathy

Dec 20, 2015

Empathy is a skill that will allow us have a more understanding society in which racism, bullying, homophobia and classism no longer separates us. Understanding someone else’s personality and experiencing their feelings is a great quality that children need to learn from a young age. So here’s a list of ways you can teach this wonderful quality to your children.

  1. Conflicts are positive

    Let’s say you, again, forcibly passed the phone to your son to he talks to this barely related tía living in Mexico. He awkwardly asks uncomfortable questions and when he hangs up, snaps at you. Both parties need to understand that every family is chaotic, and feelings are running high. Talk to him about your reasoning and listen to his.

  2. Be an example

    Animals, children, bullied kids, neighbors in need, and anyone who isn’t capable of defending themselves deserve a hero. Lead by example and show him through your actions that other people’s feelings do matter by speaking for those who are too weak to fend for themselves.

  3. Have a pet

    Animals are beneficial for the whole family. Not only are they playful companions for the young ones, but they also pose as a socializing tool teaching children how to love, empathize and care for other living beings.

  4. Reading

    Exploring a world of adventures and characters allows them to see how the world works. Villains and heroes are well defined through actions, so every book you read is a step closer to raising a beautiful child with a heart of gold, capable of maybe, one day picking up the phone and calling that long distance tía that eagerly wanted to talk to him as a child, all by himself.

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